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Just a couple of nobodies, sitting in the middle of nowhere, talking about shit no one cares about, and loving every minute of it.

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In an endless search for knowledge, empires have emerged and dismantled. Martyrs, prophets, and scholars have echoed ideas to challenge society. Scribes have preserved manuscripts and scientists expanded on theorems. We are riding a wave of supposition over the ocean of time, and we represent none of it.

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Episode 1

Mesh networks, future crimes, and Demolition Man. Join us down a rabbit hole of information, or lack thereof.

Episode #01    |    91min

Meet The Hosts

Carlos Gracias

Carlos Gracias

Chris De Nada

Chris De Nada

“Is it trespassing if someone plants vegetables within your property lines? Thanks, I guess….” – Carlos

“I was 34 years old when my parents told me the truth about my dead childhood canary.” – Chris

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